Students gain a clear understanding of product journey

Fashion And Fashion Business ‘Top up’ your existing qualifications for a full BA degree on our Childhood Education Studies online top-up course. Our distance learning programme provides you with the flexibility to maintain full-time or part-time employment while expanding upon your skills and knowledge. If you aspire to set up your own company or advance in management positions throughout the enterprising service sector, this course will provide you with the core knowledge and skills to thrive in business. Professional Legal Practice Llm Build critical awareness and business acumen of the fashion marketplace. 

Students will develop a strong understanding of the dynamics of both the local and global fashion landscape. Retail channels and the strategies employed by leading firms to stay ahead of their competition will be explored. 

Students gain a clear understanding of product journey from concept to final destination, in relation to the marketing function. All students on a fashion design programme can expect to purchase art materials, sketchbooks, paper, calico, fabric and other materials in order to undertake and complete assignments. This unit requires rigorous design research and development and the application of innovative manufacturing and finishing techniques through investigation, sampling and prototyping. This postgraduate course enables you to develop the specialist skills and knowledge to start a marketing career within the events, hospitality and tourism sectors. 

You will work with real clients on marketing projects as well as having the option of a six-month placement. This future-focused module enables emerging fashion graduates to identify opportunities in current and evolving markets to support their future career ambitions. Fashion Degrees ARC provides business and legal support as well as representation to government and other bodies. Visit the ARC website for more coronavirus information or send your enquires to 

The British Exporters Association is an independent national trade association representing the interests of the export community BEXA COVID-19 team are offering general business support, advice and intelligence. If you’ve studied fashion design or fashion textiles, you could become a design and technology teacher at a secondary school or college if you are willing to commit to further study to train as a teacher. Public Health & Health Policy Phd This module equips non-accounting students with the basic financial skills they will need to progress through their management-related degree studies. Students will learn the fundamental processes behind the production of historic financial information, allowing them to conduct analysis of financial statements. 

Additionally, students will develop knowledge of cost behaviours and forecasting, allowing them to make decisions such as how to price their product. The module allows students to bring together their financial skills by preparing extracts from a business plan as part of an application for finance. Emphasis will be placed on practical skills relevant to entrepreneurs and small business owners. You will study the management of brands, finances, events and people across the fashion chain, from design and development, to manufacturing and the supply chain, to sales and marketing.